Elf Cosmetics Review

ELF Studio Cream Blush, ‘Seductress‘ 

Right, so ELF UK were celebrating Valentines Day by offering it’s customers a free gift and free shipping when purchasing over £10 worth of cosmetics. Here is a small review of the free item I received.

First of all I had a cheeky look at what free gifts they had to offer, there was their usual eye shadow primer, a HD blush and a cream blush among other things which I can’t really remember. I wasn’t really too fond on the HD blush when I tried it in store but I was eager to try the Studio cream blush. It was up for grabs in the colour ‘Seductress’.


The darker colour is the product straight onto the skin and the lighter colour is it blended into the skin.


The blush is a hot pink colour, it has no shimmer or glitter and is matte. I was really surprised by how easy to blend the product is, when I first opened the container I thought there was no way I could wear it with my paler skin tone, but when blended it is really wearable and the colour can be built up for a night out. I applied it with my fingers as for me that is the easiest way to apply cream products. The packaging is actually very sturdy and professional. The product has no smell and can be purchased from the ELF website for a reasonable £6.50. I recommend anyone who loves cream blushes to purchase this item, it’s fantastic for the price!

I would rate it a 4/5 Star ★★★★☆

Hope this helps, enjoy mademoiselles.

Kate x

Hot or Not?

Fishnets and Tartan

Fishnet tights are slowly making a reappearance from the past due to an up rise in the love of grunge fashion. The same goes for tartan, whether it be bright red or muted grey, you can’t seem to get away from it.

Fishnet tights and Tartan are both statements in fashion on their own, but is it okay to wear them together?

Tartan and fishnets

I think that tartan and fishnets together is a brilliant look, it can be worn on most body types and really makes you stand out from the crowd. Be aware of how you wear the combination, you don’t want to be rocking the slutty goth look too much, so stray away from super mini skirts and torn tights. There is a slim line between between rocking a vintage punk look and looking like a street walker. But apart from that you really can’t go wrong. To get you started I suggest you picking up some fishnets from your local Tesco for a mere £2.00, it’s where I bought my first pair and they are brilliant.

Keep setting those trends Maidmoiselles

Kate x